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Our company's main objective is the production of welding materials, wires, rods, nets, ...We are a company with tradition which guarantees quality and competitive prices of our products.Our experts check the quality of our products on a daily basis, as this is the only way to ensure that only the best products are delivered to our customers in any given moment. Our offer is diversified and holistic; therefore we believe we can accomodate your every need.


Welding filler material

Our Welding and WELDING Filler Materials are produced according to the procedures of drawing and scalping, by means of which there are assured our welded materials – clean and bright wire surface on one hand, as well as faultless quality of welded joints, on the other. Quality of our welding and filler materials is daily controlled in our own laboratories.

We are Manufacturing:
  • wire for Welding and Hard Soldering (Brazing),
  • rods for Welding and Hard Soldering (Brazing),
  • wire for Metallizing,
  • according to the Agreement we are producing also wires of dimensions not listed in prospectus.
Welding wires and rods are packed in plastic foil (polyvinyl bags) with siccative medium added. Quality and the assortment of welding materials are marked within the packed unit by means of characteristic colored label.

Other wires and rods

Our production program of wire and rods form Al and Al-alloys covers a wide range of applications.
  • Aluminium and aluminium alloys wire for bolts, nails, nipples.
  • Special Aluminium wire for bent wire goods and knitting needls
  • Wires for section roll forming and flattening
  • Aluminium wire suitable for polishing, anodizing, decorative items, jewelry and special decorative purposes
  • Special Aluminium wire for Round zipper
  • Aluminium wires for metallizing
  • Aluminium wire of various dimensions (min. 0,25 mm) in coils or spools for the production of screens, wire nettings and various knitted meshes (insect screening)
  • Special wire from high quality aluminium alloys for the production of corrosion resistant clips and bag ties for tea packing in filter bags. Clips made from pure Aluminium wire used by the food and pastry industry
  • EC wires for electrical conductors
  • Aluminium rods and wires for antennas
  • Wire fences – wire netting for fences (for highways, tennis courts, gardens, hunting grounds) of various wire dimensions, heights, lengths and coils sizes
  • Coiled barbed wire with various barb spacings
For other applications we would be pleased to advise and recommend you the right wire quality.
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Our welding materials have attestation at:
Alumat d.o.o.
Production, Services, Marketing and Engineering d.o.o.
Partizanska ulica 38
SI-2310 Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenija
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